Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines for The Cay

Highbourne Cay is a private island of remarkable beauty. For the privacy of the owners and residents, and for the protection of the cay’s environment and ambiance, visitors are asked to abide by some simple guidelines.

  • There are numerous beaches and walking paths to enjoy. Out of consideration for owners, residents and guests we ask that you only walk the cay during daylight hours and always respect the privacy of the dwellings.
  • The collection of plant or animal life is strictly prohibited. Please leave all plant and wild animal life as you find it.
  • Please do not litter! Use the conveniently located trash bins throughout the island.
  • Keep dogs on leashes while ashore. Highbourne is a ‘scoop the poop’ island and we ask for your full cooperation with this matter. Other pets are not allowed ashore.
  • Marina guests must plug into the island’s electricity supply. The use of personal or ship generators at the dock or anywhere in the marina/harbour is prohibited.
  • Please use only gas-fired grills on your boat. Barbequing on the dock is prohibited. You are welcome to use Highbourne’s charcoal grills on shore and enjoy the villas. As a courtesy to the next ‘chef’ please clean-up afterwards.
  • Because many of the sharks and rays in our harbour are pets and tagged for research purposes, no fishing activity is allowed inside of the marina area.
  • All fish cleaning should be done at the fish-cleaning station. Running salt water is provided there. Please dispose of carcasses properly and clean up afterwards.
  • Jet ski use is not allowed within the Marina harbour, or near the docks and beaches. Please use the area off the beach on the west side of the island for this activity.
  • Please maintain idle speed while operating jet skis or tenders within the harbour.
  • Please note the northern portion of Highbourne Cay is a bird sanctuary. The area is an important habitat for a number of seabirds, including the endangered tropic bird. This portion of the island is not open to visitors.
  • Stromatolites are found in the waters off Highbourne’s East Beach. Stromatolites, dating back more than a billion years, are the world’s oldest-known macro fossils. Please view our Stromatolites from a distance and help us preserve these ancient forms of life by looking, not touching, or by just taking photographs. Touching or walking on them is prohibited!