Getting Here

Getting to Highbourne Cay

Methods of travel (from Nassau)

  • By Boat
  • Direct 30 min, Seaplane charters
  • Direct 25 min, Helicopter charters
  • 20 min, Fixed wing charter flights to neighboring Norman’s Cay
  • Designated Helicopter pad and Seaplane dock for your convenience

By Air

Flights depart directly to Nassau from most of the major cities along the East coast. There are direct flights from Washington D.C, Newark, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte…Once you have arrived at the Nassau International airport, you will be met by a Highbourne Cay representative who will escort you to the FBO, Odyssey, where you can charter a seaplane directly to Highbourne Cay or a fixed wing plane to the neighboring island of Norman’s Cay where there is a runway. From Norman’s Cay you will be greeted by Highbourne Cay staff who will then take you directly to your accommodation in Highbourne via a 15 minute scenic boat ride.

20 min, Fixed wing charter flights to neighboring Normans cay.

Direct 30min, Seaplane charters.

Direct 25min, Helicopter charters.

By Boat

From a distance, Highbourne Cay is easily identified by a 300′ telecommunications tower, visible from 12 miles out on clear days.

When making for Highbourne Cay Marina from the banks, a waypoint of 24°42.37’N and 76° 52.00’W will place boats a little over 2 miles west of the approach. There is a rocky shoal area stretching from about the center of Highbourne Cay in a westerly direction for approximately 1 ¾ miles. This is north of the waypoint. There is another shoal area running from Tea Table Cay (about mile south of the Marina) also in a westerly direction for approximately 1 ¾ miles. This is south of the waypoint. Because of these two hazardous areas yachtsmen are strongly advised to navigate to the waypoint from the west.

After arriving at the waypoint, set a course of 090° True until a small island with a white stake is visible, distance about 2 miles. Look for 2 triangular orange and black range markers on the shore of Highbourne Cay. With the range markers aligned one atop the other, the island with the white stake will be close on the starboard side. When the white stake is abeam, immediately look to the north inside the Marina and find 2 more orange and black range markers. When they are aligned one atop the other, proceed into the harbour.

When approaching Highbourne Cay Marina from Exuma Sound, a waypoint of 24° 42.00’N and 76° 48.50’W will place you about ½ mile southeast of the most southerly tip of the island. Steer west, aiming for the larger of 2 tiny islands, and look for 2 rocks south of the most southerly tip of Highbourne. The rocks will be nearly awash at high tide.

Estimate a center line between the islands that you are headed towards and the described rocks. Remain in the southern half, leaving the small islands on your port side closer than the rocks on your starboard side. You will be in 15 feet of water at low tide.

Follow the deep water channel around and bear towards the north. You may find it helpful to find the range markers on your starboard side just north of the beach and keep them astern as you head west before turning to the north into the Marina.

You safety is our concern so please call the Marina on VHF Channel 71 and request further assistance if you have any questions

Please contact the Highbourne Cay office for all travel details.
VHF Channels 16 and 71
Tel: (242) 427-1003, (242) 427-5000 or (242) 813-1001