Highbourne is going Green!

Highbourne Cay is fast approaching the completion of our 1.2 Megawatt Solar plant, generating 1800 Megawatts per year!

This new state of the art plant will deliver the following environmental benefits:

  • A reduction of 3,300,000 lbs of CO2 emissions per year
  • A reduction of 44,700 tons of lifetime CO2 emissions
  • 720 tons less of coal burned per year for railcars
  • Preservation of 1650 acres of mature hardwood trees
  • Reduce generator annual run time and fuel burn by 50%.

Highbourne Cay is approximately 3 miles long, covering an area of +/- 500 acres. Our solar field sits on 4 acres of land. This microgrid’s performance statistics is according to the EPA’s conversion metrics.