Valdez Durham

Nickname: “Talls”

Position: Dock Assistant

Years at Highbourne: 24 years

Responsibilities: Greeting of Guests, Assisting Vessels, Tying up Vessels, Junkanoo Entertainment.

Hometown: Grand Bahama/ Matthew Town – Inagua

Fun Facts:
Durham acts as a fishing/dive guide as well as being well versed in local bush medicines. Contact front desk to arrange these.



Jody Tomlinson

Nickname: “Jojo”

Position: Concierge/Front Desk

Years at Highbourne: 12 years

Responsibilities: Booking, Concierge Services

Hometown: Nassau


Corrie Smith

Nickname: “Underdog”

Position: Chef (Xuma Restaurant)

Years at Highbourne: 2 years

Responsibilities: Setting Menu, Cooking, Managing Kitchen & Restaurant

Hometown: New Providence

Fun Facts:
Decided on cooking professionally at 12 years old. Education includes: Formal training at University of the Bahamas. Apprentice program at Lyford Cay Club (3 years). Favorite Dish: Shrimp & Grits, Stir fry Lobster. Herbs used in kitchen are mostly locally grown.


Clytis Miller

Nickname: “Miller Time”

Position: Bartender/Food & Beverage

Years at Highbourne: 6 years

Responsibilities: Making Drinks, Waiting on Guests

Hometown: New Providence

Fun Fact:
Favorite Drinks to make: Bahamas Mama, Goombay Smash